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Support institutions on a journey of continuous improvement.

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Understanding the journey of continuous improvement

The Institutional Transformation Assessment (ITA) is a process to help postsecondary institutions reflect on existing student success efforts and the organizational structures that support them. It helps an institution learn more about its areas of strength and improvement, which are a critical input to prioritizing and planning further action to enhance equitable student success.

The ITA is driven by a Sensemaking Conversation, which is a facilitated meeting that enables deep reflection with a diverse, cross-functional group of institutional leaders, faculty, and staff.

The Sensemaking Conversation is informed by an online perception survey – which provides insight into current perceptions of student success activities by different stakeholders on a campus. This survey generates custom individual and aggregate reports.

The perception survey is supported by rubrics. They drive broad reflection across 11 unique but integrated topic areas central to institutional transformation for equitable student success. The rubrics for these topics were created by leading experts in each
subject area.

The entire process is described in a robust set of guides, tools, templates, and resources designed for facilitators and participants at intermediaries and institutions.

Thoughts from other institutional users

ITA resources

The ITA process is supported by facilitator and participant guides, tools, templates and training, for both intermediaries and institutions.

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